Friday, October 12, 2012

My Escape

Journaling Complete!
My previous post shows just the background before the journaling and final embellishments were added.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my...I could have written is exactly how I was feeling a few months back when I turned 58 and my daughter started college this year (I home schooled her so even though she is commuting to seems as though my work is 'done'). I love the colors on your page also. I bought a smaller journal last night to do differently than my larger one. I am going to have it be more like a writing journal like you have here. I love your writing...and dislike mine (isn't that funny) I think using the black ink on mine makes it look very stark but I don't know how to soften it..any ideas? I love the obsession! I spent a few hours on a Zendala last there is another obsession ;) Happy Weekend.