Monday, October 1, 2012

Let The Journey Begin

My Art Journal

Five years ago after an early retirement I started blogging and took up photography. Those ventures have sustained me in my creative endeavors - until now.
For the past five years I've also been lurking off and on at many art journal blogs and really loved the whole idea about creating them. At the same time I was always thinking, "Who am I kidding I'm not an artist."
This past summer I stumbled across a lovely blog called Daisy Yellow by Tammy. She was the wonderful hostess to a summer art challenge called Index-Card-A-Day. Every day during June, July and August the challenge was to decorate an index card every day.  I thought it was such a neat idea and it was on a small scale that seemed manageable to attempt. While I didn't formally join in I did participate. I didn't do it everyday but enough so that I completed an index card notebook and part of another one and I'm still going. I have cards I like and some not so much; but, I was doing something creative almost everyday. Those index cards gave me the push to start an art journal on a larger scale.
So, two weeks ago I went to the craft store and purchased a small 6x8 sketch pad. I chose a size I thought I could manage and be comfortable with.  I began to design a cover and two or three two page spreads. I'm still getting a feel for the process and happy with some things I've done and some I'm just ok with. As time goes on I'm sure I'll find a creative path that suits me.
These are my two notebooks of index cards.
The prompt for the card was 'fly'.
I happened to have a dragonfly charm that I added for that little something extra.
This was the paper towel I had used to wipe my brushes and stamps on. I put it aside and let it dry. It reminded me of my Grandma's hankerchiefs she always carried in the pocket of her dress or apron.

The prompt for this one was a song title.
(you can hopefully click on any image to enlarge for more detail)
"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." ~Twyla Tharp
Here's to running away a little every day!


Anonymous said...

I just love it!! Your blog design is perfect. What a great idea the index cards were...I love the blog Daisy Yellow - such great ideas and prompts. Your cards are very creative...I need to save my paper towels ;)...I can't wait to see your beautiful art on a larger scale. I am so glad that you started this so you can share your wonderful and creative visions. Yay!!!

kelley jensen said...

what a fun blog and what a fun way to celebrate life. I've added this blog to my feeder. Can't wait to see all the creative things you come up with. I follow a gal in England who does creative things like this and posts about them. Her name is Janice and her blog is called Dancing with Sunflowers.