Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Fearless and Fly:Challenge Three

For the third challenge of the Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge over at Artists in Blogland I chose to use the color prompt of black and white. I've always thought that nothing in life is ever just black or white. There's never a clear answer, always another side to the story. There's always comprise somewhere in between. I thought Billy Joel's  'Shades of Grey' lyrics fit in well with my personal thoughts. I mixed black and white acrylics to make gray for the background layer and then smashed some black and white paint around with my fingers. The next layer I did some stenciling and stamping, then a layer of torn scrapbook papers and the printed quote and finally some washi tape.
And, catching up with the second challenge.....
I chose the quote prompt for the second challenge as well. I do love quotes! I've used my own photo of a flock of geese and edited it to include the quote.
My first artistic love is photography. I'm a self-taught amateur photographer who mostly just aims and shoots hoping for a little serendipity in the results. My wild goose chases often take me down country roads in the pursuit of photographic opportunities - an old barn, a barbed wire fence,  a wildflower or two, a deer and even wild geese.
While out recently taking photos of the fall foliage I heard the honking of the geese but didn't know the direction they were flying. I stepped out from under the tree I was under taking leaf shots just in time to look up and catch this image of the geese flying about 400 yards away. A lovely moment and a perfect subject for the second Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge.


Maria Ontiveros said...

I love your thoughts on "shades of grey," and a beautiful photograph for the second challenge.
Happy FFF!

Anonymous said...

Your page is very striking and I really like the message behind your quotes. I'm a bit of a black & white person myself so it's good to be reminded that it's never really like that as you say.

Jessica Sporn said...

I also love your use of "Shades of Grey" and your beautiful page. The geese are great too! Thanks for joining Fall Fearless & Fly!

Carolyn Dube said...

Your geese photo is magnificent! What a shot! I love the angles your text is on in your wonderful journal spread! So glad you shared this with Fall Fearless and Fly!

kelley jensen said...

I had no idea you also had this wonderful blog. I've enjoyed browsing through your posts this morning. How wonderfully talented you are.